Most people that get Windows vista, are constantly bombarded with messages of things like “are you sure” “do you know if this is safe” From the User Account Control – this feature was initially put in by the Microsoft team to allow Non-Pc Users the chance of making sure that what they are doing is not harmful to their machine,
but for “normal/Regular” Computer Users, these things are just DAMN ANNOYING!

so here is how you can safely Disable USER ACCOUNT CONTROL. (it can always be re-enabled)

1 – click on (start) the windows orb in the bottom left hand corner of your screen – [or press the windows key on your keybaord]

2 – in the search box directly above type in user accounts.

3 – At the bottom of the “Make Changes to your user account” screen you should see a link that says “TURN USER ACCOUNT CONTROL ON OR OFF” – Click it!

4 – a new page shows saying:

Make sure that you UNTICK the checkbox, just like shown in the picture and click ok!

now you will be free to do what you want in vista, without those annoying messages!

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