This tutorial will show you a quick and easy way of allowing your objects to spin/rotate automaticaly.

Firstly you need to either import or create your shape.

creating a plane:

private var object:Plane;...object = new Plane(...)

If you need a more detailed explanation of creating standard shapes, please visit this tutorial for more information.

Importing a .DAE:

public class Example extends BasicView
var dae:DAE;
var daeFile:String;
var daeMaterialName:String;

public function Mainscale()
daeFile = "yourDAEfile.dae";
daeMaterialName = "YourTextureName";
dae = new DAE();
dae.scale = 120;

after you have imported and added your Object to the scene, you need to add a loop in the code (i.e an event listener) then call the function.
so stragiht after we have added the object to the scene i.e using scene.addChild(yourobjectName);

add an event listener:

addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, loop3D);

Then create a new function, that listens for the event:

private function loop3D(e:Event):void{
//either use
yourobjectName.yaw(2); //changing the number will increase or decrease the speed
//OR use

And that should do it!
need any extra help? leave a comment, and i will get back to you!

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