• Try and keep your models as simple as possible without loosing much on detail (obviously some sacrifices have to be made).
  • When exporting to a DAE file, try and use a model that is newly made, rather than editing one that is already textured and in a scene with other objects.
  • DO NOT, texture your objects, until you are ready to add your UVW map, this will avoid confusion in the DAE, where max has exported the files, with paths to textures that you no longer use, this will throw errors when testing movie in Actionscript.
  • Having a clean model, with few gemoetries and one UVW map will help reduce complications and errors in the long run – trust me, im speaking from experiance! :)
  • .DAE files, can be opened in Notepad, and edited – do not edit if you are unsure of what to do, you may end up corrupting your file, and having to re-export.
  • Notepad2, is a lot better than Notepad – with syntax highliting and numbered lines, get it here, its free!

If you have any tips you would like to add, please feel free to leave them in the comments! :)

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