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I am happy to say, that this blog has been nominated for the category of “Best Educational Blog”, in the Bloggers Choice Awards 2009.

My site was nominated for Best Education Blog!

If you like this blog, please take some time to vote! your count is appreciated!

I have now moved the blog from the old free blogger host, to a new self hosted wordpress account.

Address has therfore now changed: 

spread the word!!!

Just a small message to all subscribers/readers..

I have upgraded & moved server, and now have the ability for automatic redirects within subdomains.

so, new blog address:


In a comment i was asked if i knew how to add a tweet this icon to joomla in a previous post, i am unaware of any current solutions however this is a workaround:

using the Add to Any button…
This is a great way to let your users share your site, without cluttering up every page with all kinds of different buttons.
Also, since the addtoany button is automatically updated with the latest social sites that spring up constantly, it’s a zero maintenance solution.
It even integrates with google analytics if you track at that level.

Social bookmarking extension

You can edit it, so that ALL you have in there is twitter, or you can leave other social bookmarks available.

There are so many software packages out there that charge a FORTUNE here is a compiled list of what I think people should use from the perfect FREE Antivirus, to FREE multi codec Video players :

More will be talked about PortableApps soon! keep an eye out!
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