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Here is a little Firefox extension for Gmail that i think is absolutely AMAZING!

All you die hard Gmail fans out there should get this :) – only down side is that it doesnt work in any browser apart from Firefox

heres a snippet from the GlobexDesigns website about it:

Google Redesigned is a Mozilla Firefox extension designed by Globex Designs that aims to fully redesign the look and feel of popular Google services. This is achieved with Cascading StyleSheet (CSS) files which are loaded on the client’s browser. The extension simplifies the use of these styles by providing auto-updates, easy management and notifications of changes. You can also download and use the styles individually by going to their respective pages.

Click below for a  few screens to wet your taste buds

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There are so many software packages out there that charge a FORTUNE here is a compiled list of what I think people should use from the perfect FREE Antivirus, to FREE multi codec Video players :

More will be talked about PortableApps soon! keep an eye out!

Firstly in your 3D package, ratehr than rendering 1 picture, choose selection to render a Range of pictures, say from frame 0-100.

It is always best to render seperate JPEG images that 1 whole avi file straight away.

In order to do this in 3Ds Max open up the rendering menu (F10) select your frames, i.e 0 to 100

then as your output save file select JPEG, Max will automaticlay add numbers to the end of each frame, i.e pic0001, pic0002

You will then end up with an individual picture for each frame.

Now using Bink and Smacker Which can be downloaded here select your first image, pic0001 or whatever it is u named it, and click BINK IT

and a pop up message should appear asking you something along the lines of “this image seems to be part of a series..” click yes.
should take a few mins to convert all the JPEGs into a video file.

This .bnk file can then be converted into a avi. which will give u a massive file of about 2GB. this can then be converted in Windows Media Encoder 9 into a wmv file. which is a compressed file, without loosing quality.

Another good program to use, that can handle larger file sizes is VirtualDub

Both Bink and Smacker and VDub are Free to use.

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