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In a comment i was asked if i knew how to add a tweet this icon to joomla in a previous post, i am unaware of any current solutions however this is a workaround:

using the Add to Any button…
This is a great way to let your users share your site, without cluttering up every page with all kinds of different buttons.
Also, since the addtoany button is automatically updated with the latest social sites that spring up constantly, it’s a zero maintenance solution.
It even integrates with google analytics if you track at that level.

Social bookmarking extension

You can edit it, so that ALL you have in there is twitter, or you can leave other social bookmarks available.

This tutorial will show you how to add a tweet this icon link for all your posts automatically on Blogger so that your posts can spread like wildfire! and allow users to share things with their friends..

To add a tweet this link like the one used on my blog at the bottom of each post, follow these steps in Blogger:


  1. Go to Layout
  2. Edit HTML
  3. click on the “Expand template” checkbox
  4. search for the line that says:  <p><data:post.body/></p>
  5. DIRECTLY underneath this enter in the following code

<a expr:href='” ” + data:post.title + ” @YOURTwitterID ” + data:post.url’ title=’Tweet it on Twitter’><img src=’http://LINK TO TWITTER IMAGE ON YOUR SERVER‘/></a>

  • Replace YOURtwitterID with your twitter USERNAME if you want to track and see who is sharing your blog posts. Otherwise simply delete @YOURtwitterID.
  • Replace “LINK TO TWITTER IMAGE ON YOUR SERVER” with the link for the twitter image you would like to use.
  • Once modified, the Tweet This, button will appear under every post automatically,
  • you only have to do this once
  • It will even appear on your old blogs
  • When the reader click this button, it will include the URL of the post in the person’s tweet unless the readers intentionally remove it by editing the tweet.
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